A Complete Guide for Choosing the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon


Are looking for the recognized hair transplant surgeon? Do you want to know how to choose the best hair transplant surgeon? This article will help you a lot in order to find out the best hair transplant surgeon. First and foremost, one must know that hair transplant is a team effort as it the combined process of both science and art. Firstly, the surgeon harvests the donor tissue from the back sides of the scalp closed the areas with the closure technique and hand over the donor tissue to the team of technicians. The team of technicians dissects every graft under the higher magnification of microscopes and obtain the viable grafts for the process of implantation fulfils the restoration need of the surgery. However, the procedure of hair transplant involves the transferring process of hair roots by taking the donor tissue/strip from the safe donor, which is implanted into the recipient balding part of the scalp followed by the graft dissection process under the higher magnification of microscopes. The graft transferring process in the hair transplant procedure is not just a surgical concern, but it also caters to the aesthetic or artistic aspect in order to create the hairline design, slit creation as well as the final implantation of the grafts. However, it is mandatory that the chosen best hair transplant doctor must have both the skills to offer the best outcomes of the hair transplant procedure.

In this article, we are describing the needed parameters to choose the best hair transplant surgeon are as follows:

  1. The Credentials of the Surgeon: First of all, the surgeon is rated on the basis of the credentials in terms of earning the recognized membership from the leading restoration societies, i.e., ISHRS, ISAPS, IAHRS, etc. The hair transplant surgeon must possess the recognition and reputation from the renowned hair restoration societies and his contribution to the field have been approved and appreciated in the hair transplant fraternity. However, the credential does matter, while choosing the surgeon to receive the procedure as a final selection.
  2. The Results provided by the Surgeon: Whenever you are heading towards choosing the best surgeon to receive the procedure, it is advisable to go through the reviews portals and forums to cross check the reviews and results posted by the patients after getting the surgery received from the particular clinic or with the particular surgeon. The results and reviews actually proof to know the expertise of the surgeon. The hair transplant surgeon must be acclaimed with a number of positive feedbacks as one can assure with the surgeons’ expertise after seeing and reading the relevant reviews posted by the former patients.
  3. The Artistic Skill of the Surgeon: The artistic skill of the surgeon can be defined by the sense of making the hairline design in which surgeon uses the extreme artistic skill in terms of implanting the grafts by using the logical decision ability, extreme art sense of creating the hairline according to the patient’s facial profile, age, sex, and gender. A good hair transplant surgeon has always been able to perform the surgery with the expected artistic demand of the surgery and thus it allowed the meeting of desired cosmetic goal in the surgery. However, the hair transplant surgeon must have an outstanding sense to fulfil the desired artistic demand of the surgery, especially on the matter of the hairline design, slit creation as well as the implantation of the grafts.
  4. The Logical Decision ability of the Surgeon: This is the attribute that can be identified during the pre-procedure consultation. The logical judgement ability that decides the particular technique to perform the procedure as well as the type of grafts to implant them into the particular bald areas can only be confirmed if a surgeon is able to decide the things with the logical aspect suited to the aesthetic demand of the hair transplant surgery.



On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is such a sophisticated plastic and cosmetic surgery, which needs an extreme aesthetic sense as well as the logical decision ability to meet the expected goal of the surgery. Choosing the best surgeon must be confirmed on the basis of the practice, experience as well as the results given by them to satisfied patients with the utmost original outcomes of the procedure.

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