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 How Does Hair Detox Shampoos Function?

It is crucial for us to understand that you can consider taking numerous drug tests that are available on the market. However, most of them happen to pass them in case that you have consumed something recently.

The main confusion and problem happen with hair follicle drug test, primarily due to the idea that it is highly challenging to pass and cheat it. This particular drug test functions based on a specific situation, but the technician will take part in your hair from the shaft.

It is a common choice in the criminal justice system as well as the pre-employment procedure that will help you along the way.

Since it is impossible to fake it because the technician will take samples of your hair directly in the lab, you should think through other methods of tampering with this screening.

One of the best ways to pass it is by using the Aloe Rid detox shampoo old formula in combination with other chemicals that will reduce the amount of THC until you reach the point of passing drug screening.

A hair drug test is one of the best ways to check the long-term drug abuse, which is vital for both employers and law enforcement. It requires a few days of testing before you can get proper results, which means that you will be able to be positive on THC, for instance.

Hair Drug Test 101

This particular drug screening method can easily detect previous drug use for up to three months based on various drug types. As soon as you decide to consume something, it will enter your bloodstream, which means that your follicles will be filled with that compound.

You will need a few days for the hair to grow from the follicle that features banned substance, which means that you will not be able to pass a test. That is why most technicians are cutting new hair because that is the best way to determine the frequency of drug abuse.

It can detect a wide array of drugs such as marijuana, barbiturates, cocaine, heroin, PCP and prescription medications and opioids. For instance, when you consume weed, THC will enter your bloodstream.

In a matter of hours, our natural metabolic and detox system will break THC into its metabolites such as THC-COOH, and that is the substance that labs will check for. The best way to learn more about hair follicle drug test is by clicking here for more information.

What Happens During The Test?

As soon as an employer decide to summon you for a drug test, you will have to go to a specific place in which administrators will professionally remove 1.5-inches sample of your hair directly from the shaft and closest to scull.

They will cut 1.5-inches, due to the idea that human hair tends to grow for 0.5-inches monthly, which means that the test will determine the drug abuse in the last three months. Finally, they will give you results in a matter of a few days, and you can see whether you are positive or negative.

How to Beat It?

  • Abstinence – The simplest and most problematic way for passing a hair drug test is through abstinence that has to happen at least 100 days before the date. The main problem with it is that you will not get a particular period that will allow you to reduce the number of drug metabolites. This is the best choice for individuals, especially if you have a plan to start working your dream job in the next few months.
  • Shave Completely – You have to be cautious when it comes to shaving your entire body because that will show others that you are guilty and that you are hiding something. At the same time, it is not enough to shave your head, because administrators will take samples from your body, and you will not pass the test.
  • Hair Detox – You will be able to beat this particular test by conducting detoxification, but not from the inside, but the outside. You should visit this link: to learn more on how to pass different types of drug tests. Since hair represents dead cells, you will not be able to cleanse yourself by performing regular detox through diet and supplementation. Instead, you should find appropriate detox shampoo in combination with other chemicals and remedies that will help you cleanse yourself thoroughly.

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