How to buy student insurance in U.S.

Health insurance is very important in the US. Many schools require F-1 students to buy health insurance (also known as 美国医保). You are also recommended to buy health insurance after graduation, such as opt insurance. The one is ideal for international student to purchase is Huhu Insurance (also known as 虎虎保险) Some employers provide health insurance with employees. Remember to ask for your employer about health insurance before accepting an offer. Since the H-1B visa application and the H-1B lottery procedure (also known as h1b 抽签) are very complicated, you should always consider hiring an immigration lawyer (also known as 移民律师) when you apply for an H-1B visa (h1b签证).

In this article, we will introduce how to choose insurance if you are a student in U.S.

If you are studying in the US (F-1 visa) or as a visiting scholar (J-1 visa), you must provide a medical insurance certificate in order to be registered. Many schools and insurance companies have reached an agreement to provide Student Health Insurance for their students. You can buy this type of insurance for yourself and your family at school. You can also purchase medical insurance that meets the school’s minimum standards at an off-campus insurance company.

American universities generally have Student Health Services, which provide basic medical services such as outpatient, emergency, laboratory tests, health consultation, psychological counseling, and vaccination. Common diseases and traumas can be solved here. The school also offers a variety of free health education and psychological counseling services.

Usually, the university will require students to pay the health care fee at the time of registration, and they can use the basic medical services of the school clinic free of charge. Some school clinics require students to pay for some medical programs, but the general fees are much cheaper than ordinary clinics outside the school. When you finish studying for Optional Practical Training (OPT), some schools allow graduated students to continue to participate in the school’s student health insurance plan (a year or so). Some internship units may provide you with medical insurance. If you are unable to obtain insurance from a school or an internship, you can purchase the relevant health insurance through a commercial insurance company.

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